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Building a lasting Olympics legacy: Newham’s progress

Achieving the Olympics legacy remains a challenge for current and future generations. In the latest in a series of  special features examining the situation from a number of perspectives, we look at some of the positives so far. 

The Olympic Stadium and the Orbit

The Olympic Stadium and the Orbit

Milestones made as Newham marks seven months from London  Games

A good start has been made to building a lasting legacy from the London Olympics but there is still so much more to do.

Newham Council has set out some of the achievements achieved since the start of the Games which were the highlight of a magical summer for the borough.

Significant work is now under way to achieve the long-term objectives for the borough to ensure residents get clear benefits from the Games.

The rejuvenation Newham began long before the Games and continues long after the magical final closing ceremony. The Games were an incredible milestone on the journey to make Newham a place where people want to live, work and stay.

  • Their long-term commitment is to a legacy of convergence, where Central and local Government, related agencies, sports bodies and clubs work together to continue the successes achieved during the Games.
  • They have made a long-term commitment to legacy through local programmes and financial backing for the stadium.
  • They are providing leadership on job brokerage, local business, transport and education programmes.

Newham began legacy planning long before last summer so the borough can build on the momentum created by the London 2012 Games.

Feedback from residents to the council about the Olympic Games has been overwhelmingly positive with the majority saying they were pleased that Newham was the lead host borough and that they believe their community has gained from the event.

Other key achievements are:

  • Housing – Triathlon Homes is set to build 1,379 affordable homes at EastVillage, the new legacy identity for the AthletesVillage.
  • The preferred bidder for a new £14.7m Atherton leisure centre has been selected.
  • Every Child a Sportsperson will continue to support young athletes, build a resilient community and tackle issues like obesity.
  • ECaM – The biggest music tuition project of its kind in the UK is helping youngsters get healthy, happy and make big progress with their English studies.

Mayor of Newham, Sir Robin Wales, said: “The London 2012 Olympic Games was always part of a long-term goal to regenerate our part of East London. Seven months on from the start of the Games is too soon to pass judgement on its legacy. But I believe we have made an excellent start and that Newham residents will get a benefit from living in the lead host borough.”

A number of features on the Legacy Challenge appear in Your Docklands & City and Your Stratford City magazines,  published by Your Media London

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