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Family life…Chas & Dave from the cradle to the grave

Chas & Dave will always have a special place in the hearts of the Grainger family – and not just because they wrote the best football song of all time in Ossie’s Dream, Spurs FA Cup final anthem of 1981, with the world’s best lyric: “In the cup for Tottingham!”

It was a year later that Ain’t No Pleasing You surfaced from the Tottenham-supporting duo.

It is a song that I have often sung to my darlin’ wife, Lesley, and we have danced to many times.

I have always used the word darlin’ or darling throughout my life as a term of affection and friendship and it comes natural to a Cockney.

When our daughter Angela was born in 1980, we sang it to her as a lullaby, and she has always loved it.

When our son James came along in 1983, it was inevitable that he would love Spurs and Chas & Dave.

It became the song my wife sang to him, and it is very special to us as a family.

In the words of the song, we have built our lives around you – i.e our children.

They are now in their 30s and it has always been the song we enjoy most at Chas & Dave concerts we’ve been to.

It was the song we sang the most at the O2 as Chas & Dave performed it live a couple of days before my son James left to live in Buenos Aires.

It was also performed at my daughter’s wedding.

And when James made a brief trip home in July, the Graingers were up on stage singing it live with the band he plays in with his friends.

Chas Hodges believes it was their best song, especially because it was sung in their own Cockney accent. It brings all age groups, all generations together. Especially so for Londoners.

I am not sure if other people plan their funeral service songs in advance like we have … perhaps that’s a bit too morbid.

But we believe lives should be celebrated in our manor. Ain’t No Pleasing You is already on my list, along with Monty Python’s Always Look on the Bright Side of Life and Glory Glory Halleluyah, which is Spurs’ anthem, not Man U’s, who have tried to nick it.

The lads have put out a new version of the song on their latest album, That’s What Happens, a great collection of 12 songs, old and new.

But it’s the original that will be played this Christmas first in our household.

All together now … “Oh, darlin’, there ain’t no pleasin’ you!”

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This article appeared in Saturday’s edition of in the Life & Style section of The Guardian and is on their website. It is part of their fascinating feature series. Colin Grainger

Main picture: The Graingers pictured at home this summer



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