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Your Royal Docks community memories can be part of a dance theatre production

A dance theatre company called Sweetshop Revolution are planning to stage a project in the Royal Docks and want help from local people with their memories of the area from the past … and the present.

Creative Director Sally Marie has been working in dance for  30 years and is really interested in how movement and dance can elevate mood and connect people, especially during the current COVID crisis.

She said:  “We are hoping to stage a 45-minute show in all, which will take the format of a tour for the audiences with a guide and two dancer/actors interjecting. We want to really submerge ourselves in the history of the Docks areas and contrast that with the present day.”

* Images from previous Sweetshop Revolution productions

Sally said the piece is about illuminating the history of the place and its people and will bring in the stories of the people who live there now, and/or have lived there in the past.

She said: “It would be so, so wonderful if anyone from the group wanted to share some of their stories of living in Royal Docks area and Newham with us,  perhaps over a socially distanced coffee, over Zoom or the phone. They are also welcome to come and watch rehearsals.”

* Another Sweetshop image

“The show we make will be in the Royal Docks area and we hope will be performed over a Friday Saturday, Sunday, in Mid October and will be free as part of the festival. It will also be totally socially distanced of course.”


It is hoped the show will be part of the Join The Docks festival, but if not, Sally and her team plan to stage it at a later date and want to research for the production now.

If anyone would like to get in contact initially please email:

*Pictures: Sally Marie and Colin Grainger


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