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Mayor of Newham’s message over Woolwich tragedy


Newham Mayor Sir Robin Wales has spoken for the community in East London with a message to the borough’s neighbours just across the River Thames, following the tragic death of drummer Lee Rigby.

Young father Lee was killed in the terrorist attack in Woolwich last week.

The links between the two boroughs go back hundreds of years. We are linked by the Woolwich Ferry, the Woolwich , foot tunnel and the Thames Barrier, but so much more. The links between North Woolwich and Woolwich remain so special across the generations.

Sir Robin said: “The terrible events in Woolwich have left us all stunned and saddened.Our thoughts, of course, are with all those people who have been touched by this tragedy.

“We have spoken to Greenwich Council offering condolences on behalf of the people of Newham. We will extend any support they need as they deal with the aftermath.

“It is paramount we all stand together to condemn the appalling actions which have claimed the life of a soldier in the most brutal and cold-blooded circumstances. We must never allow terrorism to triumph.”

Sir Robin added: “Just as the wartime community of our East End shared in the grief of those who lost loved ones during the Blitz and on battlefields across the world, today we share in the grief of those who have suffered as a result of this outrage.

“We offer everyone who has been affected our condolences and we renew our mutual determination that the perpetrators must not be allowed to win. Hitler’s bombs could not beat us, nor shall the mindless brutality of people who try to sow disharmony and despair.

“They cannot win. They must not win.

“This is why, here in Newham, we must continue to celebrate our togetherness, the vibrancy of our young people and our Olympic success, as well as remembering those who gave their lives in the service of this country some 70 years ago – and who continue to do so today.

“Newham is a place of many beliefs and cultures. We stand united.

“We will not tolerate attacks on any individuals, institutions or community. We must continue to build and sustain our strength, unity and resilience.”



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