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Kimberley Chambers

Another gem from the talented Kimberley Chambers

It’s unusual  to review a book after it has made the author top of the book charts for the second time in her career. But for reasons I need not go into, that’s what happened […]

Mar, 11

The Wronged: Another stunning effort from Kimberley Chambers

  For a variety of reasons, not the least of which was my son’s wedding overseas. I am a month late in reviewing the latest tome to come from crimewriter Kimberley Chambers. And in trying […]

Apr, 15

Gripping Payback makes Kimberley Chambers Number One

A MONTH after I had Payback land on my doorstep courtesy of Amazon the day after its publishing date, I have finally managed to complete Kimberley Chambers’ latest offering. It was a family bereavement that […]

Mar, 04

True Grit of our Kim

Having been a journalist for over 40 years and having reviewed more plays, films, shows and books than I can remember, it is very hard when you know someone personally to write an unbiased analysis […]

Mar, 08


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