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True Grit of our Kim

The Trap, by Kimberely Chambers

The Trap, by Kimberely Chambers

Having been a journalist for over 40 years and having reviewed more plays, films, shows and books than I can remember, it is very hard when you know someone personally to write an unbiased analysis of what they have done.

But having had my say on Kimberley Chambers’ seven previous novels in my time in charge of the Newham Recorder, I could not miss out on the latest, The Trap.

It’s the first in a new series focusing on crime family The Butlers and once again shows the detail and talent Kimberley has shown in all her books.

Brothers Vinny, Roy and Michael are the central figures as they are the apple of their mother Queenie’s eye.

But it’s Kim’s eye for the not-so-blindingly obvious that makes The Trap so special. The area’s and streets she – and real East Enders – know so well. The music of the times and the language that we have all grown up with that makes it tick over like a well-tuned Porsche.

Having been given a little inside knowledge and having listened to Kim’s trials and tribulations in getting this one exactly right on our journeys to and from White Hart Lane, I know the extra time she spent getting this right was worth it. And if the next one, to be called Payback, is as good, it will take her well-deserved rising reputation up another notch.

The Trap has everything. It is raw and nasty, but it is also full of honour and pride, and tells the story of meetings of minds, and lasting friendships.

Romford, Barking, Newham and Tower Hamlets all feature in her latest work. As I have said about her previous works, this knowledge of the world we live in and the reality of her books are what make them so good.

Recent personal changes and difficulties have meant it has taken me longer than usual to read Kim’s latest tome.

But during a tough last few days, it has taken me away to a different world and given me an uplift in spirits despite the shocking nature of much of the content.

The bloody nights and vengeance mixed with the authenticity and power makes the book gripping and very hard to put down. A huge part of East London is so proud of you, Kim. And quite a lot of the rest of the country has the same feeling.

John Wayne’s mantra was “True Grit” and that’s what our Kim has in bucket loads.  Simply marvellous.

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